Expo 2020

The upcoming World Expo 2020 in Dubai will be a global gathering of nations devoted to showcasing solutions to complicated challenges of our time while celebrating national diversity and heritage. With over 25 million visitors expected to the Expo and with legacy planning of the site being a critical challenge it was important for developers, site owners and pavilion constructors to select high-performance products with great design flexibility that can withstand not only the short-term challenges of the high traffic expected during the intensive 6-month Expo season but that will continue to perform over the long term when the Expo site eventually transforms into District 2020, a  new urban environment with sustainability and innovation at its core. The Expo site will retain more than 80 percent of the infrastructure built as it evolves into this mixed-use, fully integrated community for businesses, residents and tourists.

Terraco, with its core competency in environmentally friendly and sustainable finishing materials, partnered with stakeholders and was selected as a key system supplier to multiple Expo 2020 sites including the Expo Village and Expo Mall with successful completion of all works. Terraco was also chosen to supply products to over 15 pavilions including Ireland, Italy, Korea, Saudi Arabia and many more. With sustainability, climate change and innovative technologies being at the forefront of Expo 2020, Terraco was an ideal supplier and a range of Terraco products and systems were deployed and installed such as Terraco EIFS Perma, Terracoat Textured Coatings, Sprayplaster systems, Handycoat fillers, Terrascreed floor screeds and Stucco Vintage decorative flooring finishes. Terraco’s certified and market leading EIFS Perma system, which can give a 50% passive energy saving effective over the lifetime of the building, made it an ideal choice for buildings which are core elements of the long term legacy plan.

Products Used: